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Hello, I’m Wendy Reeves, founder of LifeGoal

My aim is to use professional coaching skills to help you to be the best that you can be, and live the life you want. I have over 15 years of Human Resources management experience, three of which were at Company Director level. This has given me a wealth of experience dealing with people, and an understanding of the challenges of business and the working environment.

To support my commitment to coaching and the value that it gives to us all, I qualified with distinction as a coach through Coaching and Mentoring International (now part of The Coaching Academy). To help maintain my continual professional development I am a member of the Association for Coaching.
I have a calm, understanding and sympathetic approach. As a coach I may ask you a question that you may not have thought of asking yourself or perhaps may not have dared to ask.

My story

Many years before I qualified as a coach and set up LifeGoal, I came across coaching as a result of some difficult personal experiences.

In the mid nineties I lost my long term partner to cancer. He died within a few months of diagnosis. While still reeling from his death I had to move house and was being made redundant from a job I enjoyed over several years – three major life events happening at the same time. I felt that my life was closing down around me, which left me feeling bleak, very negative and angry.

I had bereavement counselling for a year, but the feelings of desolation continued to swamp me. I felt like a victim and didn’t like what I was turning into and how that made me feel. I tried alternative remedies such as Shiatsu, but I just couldn’t let go of the hurt. Then a friend recommended a self-help book on positive thinking. I was sceptical, but was prepared to give anything a go.

That ‘aha’ moment!

After reading the introduction it was an ‘aha’ moment. It resonated. Here was something tangible and practical that I could do that was in my control. I began to follow the techniques it suggested and whenever I had a negative thought, I’d force myself to switch it off and turn it into something positive by thinking the exact opposite. So instead of, “I can’t face people today”, I’d stop myself and say “I can’t wait to meet these wonderful people”. When out walking, instead of looking down at the pavement I’d look at the flowers, or the sky – anything to break my self-destructive thought patterns. A daily mantra of positive affirmations such as: ‘It’s all happening perfectly’, also combined to help.

It wasn’t an instant success, but slowly I began to feel more positive about things. I got a new job, and when a few months later a colleague complimented me on my smile, I realised that was something I hadn’t done in a long time.

I am living proof that you can change bad thinking habits. Like exercising to keep our bodies fit, we have to exercise our minds to keep mentally and emotionally balanced. It’s not easy, but when I think of how bad things once were, I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

People I regularly work with:

lifegoal icon Those that have lost their direction in life
lifegoal icon People stuck in a job
lifegoal icon At a cross roads in their career
lifegoal icon Wanting to improve their self-confidence

Types of people I work with:

Coaching is a flexible tool that can suit anyone wanting to move forward in their life. I work with professionals, the self-employed, small business owners, and individuals looking to get back into the workplace, maternity coaching, or preparing for retirement. Ages can range from between early twenties to late fifties.

When I’m not coaching:

Wellbeing is important to me, so this influences what I like to do. Keeping fit, eating healthily, and having some down time either alone or with family and friends is what I enjoy, and a glass of wine or two now and then goes down quite well too! I love living close to the centre of London and all that this great city has to offer, but my heart lies in Wimbledon. I’m passionate about my locality, so use and support local businesses and community groups. Eating out, going to the theatre and cinema are all favourite pastimes, as well as travelling to different parts of the world and experiencing their cultures and cuisines. But, there’s no place like home!

Companies I’ve worked with:

I help individuals move forward in their personal or business life and I also work as an associate coach with the following organisations:

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united biscuits
environment agency
bae systems
mondelez internation
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Marks and Spencer